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Libéo begins a community transformation

The payment platform Libeo has just announced its intention to change its identity. This change of form hides a fundamental restructuring for a service that wishes to combine the management of professional payments with the maintenance of a community.


  • Libeo is announcing its change of identity and its ambition to become the first platform for businesses combining payment management and community hub.

  • This hub will be made available to entrepreneurs, business owners and their business partners to deploy new BtoB features.

  • Among the new functionalities proposed within the framework of this hub:

    • a tool to connect with new partners,

    • a shared directory of reliable suppliers,

    • a messaging service,

    • the possibility to create discussion groups with several interlocutors,

    • the possibility to organize events or inter-professional workspaces.

  • In addition, there are financial and administrative services such as:

    • access to instant BtoB payments,

    • reception and sending of invoices in digital format,

    • payments in foreign currencies.


  • A new identity: Libeo has been working for a long time, notably through a strategy of acquisitions (with TrackPay and more recently with Rum&Code, a creator of applications) or partnerships (with Quickbooks) to enrich its offer around payment in order to provide a more complete management service to its customers.

  • A change in the philosophy: Since its creation, Libeo believes in the strength of the collective and operates through a principle of synergies to recreate trust between business leaders and suppliers. Today, Libeo relies on the interconnection of its customers and their partners to establish itself as an all-in-one, collective and connected platform. This will further simplify the management of administrative tasks, all in a secure environment.


  • Libeo now has 100,000 customers, compared to 70,000 last July. This fast-paced diversification strategy seems to be bearing fruit, as the FinTech is succeeding in winning over a growing number of customers.