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InsurTech: Luko Delivers Lost Keys Home


  • The InsurTech Luko partners with the on-demand delivery service Stuart Delivery to introduce a new option for delivering keys in case of loss.
  • How it works
    • The insured party sends a set of keys in a sealed package
    • This set is stored and supervised by Luko in a secure location
    • If the set of keys is lost or forgotten, customers can then call for assistance 24/7
    • The keys are provided via Stuart‘s courier delivery, within 45 minutes
  • This service is added for free for all Luko customers, first in the Paris region, then in other main French cities.


  • 2016: Luko launched a set of connected services based on households’ power consumption
  • 2018: Luko entered the insurance sector
  • Their set of offers includes connected objects for the sake of securing customers’ homes and manage power supplies. Luko also covers scooters.
  • Online subscription in just 2 minutes and 5 questions
  • €2M raised in 2018
  • Insurance offer built on La Parisienne iPaaS platform, insurance company focusing on customised affinity-based offers


  • Luko aims to include instant services. Prior to this launch, the InsurTech featured an option enabling their customers to call for help from a locksmith within 2 hours. This option, however, was not necessarily the most relevant as customers had to have their locks changed. Luko introduces a value added service, in line with their promise to protect entire households and be highly responsive.
  • This promise also applies to the compensation process: according to this start-up, most of the claims are settled within 2 hours, using video-conferencing facilities. And Luko claims their customer service is available 24/7.
  • Building on co-creation. They relied on inputs and needs expressed by insured customers to craft this service. This choice is in line with Luko’s in-place customer relation management, where they are viewed as ambassadors for the brand.


  • Conventional offers in case customers lose their keys generally fall under all-encompassing security packages, involving that the insured party should call a locksmith, or have insured parties equipped with secure key rings managed by SPB. Yet, few actual innovations see the day.
  • Luko stand out with this added value service, which comes at no extra cost and might easily become part of other affinity-oriented insurance packages.