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Inokyo Presents Yet another Cashierless Store

Several automated stores have already been tested this year: a never-before-seen mutation in the physical retail sector. The latest example to date, a fully automated store has been presented by Inokyo. The concept is reminiscent of Amazon Go: the customer walks out of the store without paying for his purchases on the spot.

This Californian start-up focuses on commerce automation, and just opened their first cashierless store in Mountain View. The technology they implemented allows them to avoid waiting in line or even scan the items they want to buy.

The customer downloads the dedicated app and stores in his means of payment. Upon entering the store, he is identified at a kiosk using an in-app generated QR code. His moves and the products he adds to his cart are then tracked via cameras and sensors. These items are then added to a virtual cart.

This system isn’t fully operational yet. The pilot phase is open to all customers who signed up for the Beta program. The idea would be to detect required improvements in regular day-to-day conditions.

Comments – A promising future for cashierless stores

According to Juniper Research, “invisible payment” technologies, such as those implemented for Amazon Go, should process 9.8 billion transactions this year. This market could end up amounting to 78 billion dollars by 2022. With this launch, Inokyo stresses how fast this market is growing. They haven’t yet disclosed a launch date for their cashierless store but would intend to meet retailers’ needs.

Inokyo joins in a list which already includes JD.com, Microsoft, Amazon… And, even if they are not yet ready to challenge Amazon and Whole Foods, their technology could be challenging them: providing SMEs with the means to prevent technological giants from monopolising the retail market with cashierless options.