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Fintecture relies on Allianz Trade for its B2B deferred payment solution

Allianz Trade has signed its third strategic partnership with Fintecture in the field of B2B BNPL. Thanks to this partnership, Fintecture will offer French B2B sellers a digital and automated guaranteed payment terms solution that can be used in all purchasing contexts, both online and offline. This solution allows B2B sellers to increase their sales by granting deferred payments to their customers, without exposing their cash flow to the risk of non-payment.


  • Sellers can add a "pay later" option to the online payment, or offer flexible payment terms to their B2B customers by sending them a payment link by e-mail, or by providing them with a QR code to scan in-store.

  • The buyer accesses a digital payment terminal via this link and can benefit from instant payment terms.

  • Allianz Trade is involved in credit insurance and brings to Fintecture its dynamic and forward-looking vision of the financial health of more than 80 million companies worldwide.

  • Fintecture deploys its solutions to 400,000 payers, mainly large companies and e-commerce players.


  • Improving the financial health of businesses: According to Allianz Trade, business failures should increase by 40% in 2023 in France. They should thus exceed their pre-Covid level of +3%, and approach the threshold of 60,000 cases. The challenge for B2B sellers is therefore to offer payment terms to their buyers, without exposing their cash flow to the risk of non-payment.

  • Making immediacy a standard: B2B buyers can benefit from instant payment terms, as the solution is based on real-time credit decisions by Allianz Trade. Allianz Trade's credit insurance is integrated into an automated, seamless payment path, providing instant confirmation of buyer eligibility for payment terms and simple scheduling of payment on the due date. In the event of non-payment, Fintecture orchestrates the dunning process, before handing over to Allianz Trade, which manages recovery and compensation.

  • Expanding its distribution perimeter: For Allianz, the objective of this partnership with payment and BNPL players is to open up new distribution channels, in particular to reach SMEs and VSEs for whom credit insurance remains difficult to access, for reasons of profitability and complexity


  • Deferred payment for businesses is a market segment that is experiencing strong growth due to the tightening economic situation. One player in this segment, Allianz Trade, is increasingly making a name for itself, having formed a series of partnerships with Pledg last September, and then with Spanish bank Santander and Norwegian fintech Two earlier this year.

  • This tie-up between Allianz Trade and Fintecture is not completely new as last May, Sophie Marot-Rémy, then Chief Digital Officer at Allianz Trade joined the French fintech.

  • Fintecture, which announced a €26 million fundraising round last November with the aim of developing its multi-faceted payment platform dedicated to businesses, continues to enrich its offer with new partnerships.