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Feedback: Lemonway aims to be profitable by 2023

Pan-European payment institution Lemonway continues to grow in Europe with revenues of €7.7 billion, up 39% in 2022. According to the fintech, this will take it past the break-even point and it will also launch a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' (BNPL) product in 2023. The strategic focus has been on acquiring key account customers.


  • Lemonway is a payment institution that offers a solution dedicated to B2B, B2C, C2C markets and alternative financial platforms that are looking for a system to process and collect their payments on behalf of third parties in a secure and regulated framework (KYC, anti-fraud framework).

  • Lemonway has 400 client marketplaces, 200 of which are alternative financial platforms.

  • Since its approval in December 2012, the FinTech has opened 8 million e-wallets for users of its partner platforms.

  • Lemonway is regulated by the ACPR and holds a European passport in 30 countries. It is based in Paris, Madrid, Milan and Hamburg.

  • In 2022, the fintech reached :

    • A turnover of over €16 million (i.e. + 39% compared to A-1)

    • 7.7 billion in trade flow volumes (up 39% to 5.5 billion vs. A-1): Mainly explained by the natural growth of its partner platforms such as Decathlon, SNCF Connect and Tech and October.

    • Lemonway estimates that it will reach €10 billion in flows by 2023.

  • Since its creation at the end of 2013, it has processed €23.5 billion of flows.

  • The year was also marked by the signing of new references, with :

    • Banks (BNP Paribas, Groupe BPCE, Barclays)

    • Marketplaces (Izberg, Mirakl, Octopia, Cocolabs).


  • Maintain its market position by developing new solutions: in 2023, the fintech will launch new products such as B2B marketplaces and BNPL in collaboration with the British player Hokodo.

  • Pursue its development with "major accounts": Lemonway aims to strengthen its presence with "major accounts". This is a strategic move, especially with the signature of large B2B marketplaces and alternative financing platforms. Lemonway is confident of achieving profitability in 2023. The player said that targeting smaller players was not profitable, as there was a lot of investment in terms of compliance.


  • As a reminder, Lemonway was a member of the French Tech 120 and the CB Insights FinTech 250 and has also raised €50m from three investment funds: Breega, Speedinvest and Toscafund.

  • In 2021, Lemonway has already seen its transaction volume increase by 76% and its revenues by 65%. It had announced the signing of 100 new clients (Decathlon, Bricks.co and Financing Circle), and was already expressing that compliance was at the heart of its strategy. Lemonway had invested €5 million in a brand new KYC experience, making it easier to identify fraudsters, learn and maximise conversion rates while maintaining a secure and transparent process.

  • Lemonway has defined its strategy directly to optimise the user's payment experience, including the launch of new features such as "Pay by Bank" (bank transfers based on the open banking model).