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  • Innovation
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  • Netherlands

Decathlon Rolls Out “Scan, Pay, Leave” Cashierless Service


  • The French sporting goods retailer Decathlon rolls out a mobile self-checkout service across all their stores in the Netherlands. 
  • Goals: Improve customer experience with a frictionless, seamless in-store customer process.
  • Scan & Go lets the user scan and pay for their purchases in-app without having to wait in line at the cash counter.
  • Decathlon relies on a white label solution by the British start-up MishiPay.
  • was founded in 2015. They provide customers with a means to:
    • Scan products’ tags,
    • Pay in one-click from their smartphone using card, PayPal or Apple Pay information they stored beforehand,
    • Be sent their receipt via e-mail or text,
    • Automatically disable RFID security tags on the products they purchase,
    • Leave the store without having to wait in line at the cash register.
  • MishiPay proposes a set of monitoring tools, as well: real-time tracking of purchases, information on the items scanned by customers and the products they actually buy, etc.


  • Reducing waiting lines. With Mishipay, Decathlon tries to address a major point of friction: queuing at checkout. According to the Adyen Retail Report Europa 2018 report, the retail sector lost more than €34 billion over 12 months due to excessive lineups. Most customers would rather leave than wait and pay.
  • More cashierless stores see the day. Connected stores are causing the retail industry to change. Different stores are considering MishiPay-like technologies. Decathlon made several announcements with customer experience in mind and, this time, opts for an easy-to-implement, scalable solution. Payments are conducted within 20 seconds to one minute.


  • In April 2019, Decathlon started a test phase with MishiPay. This pilot experiment proved successful, and the option is now being implemented across all their stores in the Netherlands. This service is also likely to be applied in France since RFID tags are also used on almost all the items sold by this group on this market.
  • Besides, Decathlon also trails other innovative customer processes in their Singapore lab.
  • Decathlon isn’t the first retailer opting for MishiPay. In March 2018, Saturn opened a cashierless store in partnership with this start-up. And their list of clients includes Leroy Merlin and Laithwaites Wine, too. According to MishiPay, 4.8% of the customers are using their app where it has been implemented. Each customer buys 2.5 products on average.