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BBVA: Digital Enrolment for All Customers by End-2019


  • BBVA and Veridas further focuses on biometrics enabling their customers to subscribe banking services based on biometric identification technologies (including face and voice recognition), through the channel of their own choosing (differences apply based on per-country regulatory requirements).
  • This digital onboarding process is currently available in Mexico, in Spain, in the US and in Colombia. It is expected to land in Peru, Argentina and in Turkey by the end of the year. BBVA also relies on dynamic selfie videos.


  • Streamlining enrolment processes globally. BBVA is opting for technologies based on physical traits (face, voice and fingerprints, for instance) to validate their users’ identity securely and more easily. The channels they selected are country-specific: in Columbia, customers may register online, since they tend to favour this channel; while in the US and in Turkey, several channels are implemented.
  • Biometrics for simplifying customer processes. BBVA aims at featuring as many banking-related features and services as possible for their customers, based on these technologies.


  • BBVA intends to add these features step by step throughout 2020. They stand out when it comes to innovative banking services and recently introduced a smart assistant helping their customers plan expenses when travelling abroad.
  • This approach to harmonising technologies across all covered markets stresses a recurring strategic focus. BBVA also implemented a global platform for rolling out mobile payment services faster across their subsidiaries. And they opted for a likewise approach to designing offers with faster product marketing processes in mind.