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AusLoans: Three Clicks for a Car Loan


  • AusLoans Finance Group –Australian broker focusing on car financing– crafted a software program called Zink for instant credit assessments. This tool required a two-year development process and is meant for car dealers.
  • 3-click process:
    • Information gathered using the applicant’s driver’s licence: once this document scanned, Zink has access to various details (from identity and tax services, credit bureaus, etc.).
    • Information analysed (address, employment, open loans, etc.) to access the applicant’s creditworthiness.
    • Access to the customer’s banking information to analyse their transactions history and assess their repayment capacity.
  • An agreement-in-principle is then granted near instantly. The customer may choose an offer from one of the 40 lenders working with AusLoans.
  • Zink has been tested for several months with help from car dealers in Queensland. It is expected to launch in January 2020. Later on, it will be featured at roughly 1,100 dealerships across the country.


  • Providing help to car dealers. This dedicated software program instantly provides them with information on their customers’ creditworthiness and repayment capacity.
  • Increasing their revenue. With this service, car dealers may increase their productivity and cut down sales processes.
  • Making adjustments to match new market needs. Zink can be described as a lever for increasing customer loyalty: it has been designed to target the emerging car market for Millennials. Most of these customers would first look for information about vehicles and financing options from their smartphones prior to visiting a car dealer.


  • AusLoans also plans to design a general public version of Zink enabling their customers to go through the same process without having to rely on a seller. They would then show their information upon visiting the dealership. Consumers could then choose the amount of their monthly payments and applied rates.