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Anytime Introduces Contactless Key Rings for Payments

As they uphold a new, BtoB-oriented strategy, the FinTech Anytime introduces yet another product: a contactless key ring for entrepreneurs/businesses. This payment tool is intended for personal transactions but a white-label version is also proposed for companies.

Anytime was founded in 2014 and initially focused on payment accounts for both individual customers and companies. In 2016, they started paying further attention to businesses’ needs and, in the beginning of 2018, modifications have been made to their prices to better address BtoB targets.

From now on, for roughly €10 per month, Anytime proposes a personal payment account along with three means of payment (2 cards and a connected device). This bundle also includes an associated business account for free. This model mostly applies to small-scale entrepreneurs, freelance and micro-companies: as many targets they intend to work with.

Anytime proposes two different connected objects: a key chain (PayKey) and a bracelet (PayBand). These contactless-enabled Mastercard-affiliated tools can be monitored via Anytime’s mobile app. This app encompasses the following features: access to PIN code, tools for setting payment limits, option to block/unlock the connected object, presentation of associated cards, notification for each transaction.

Comments – A differentiating strategy on the BtoB market

In the end of 2017, Anytime and YouGov conducted a survey on contactless payments with their customers, stressing that key chains were their favourite tools in this context. In the meantime, contactless payments have become popular as card estates in France were being renewed; mobile devices and connected objects started to include it too.

Just like other neo-banking players before them, Anytime intends to address businesses and, by way of standing out, relies on a combination between personal and professional account management features. To this respect they are the only French FinTech aiming for both markets and chiefly addressing self-employed workers.

Anytime wants to address SMEs as well as larger accounts through a service for managing mass payments. Their white-label contactless payment feature is also consistent with this strategy. Companies may then manage several means of payment and provide staff members with a contactless key ring for their transactions.