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An LCL Insurance for Light Electric Vehicles


  • LCL intends to include next-generation Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) in their list of covered means of transportation.
  • These insurance offers are designed for customers with a vehicle riding faster than 6 km/h (roughly 3.7 mi/h). The user is protected when riding his own vehicle or a rental vehicle, and so are the other potential users (family or relatives) if they borrow the device. Compensations may reach up to €1M in case of personal injury.
  • An optional insurance service is also available for protecting the vehicle, enabling the customer to file claims in case it gets damaged or stolen.
  • Covered vehicles:
    • Electric scooters
    • Gyropodes
    • Gyrowheels
    • Electric bikes
    • Hoverboards
  • Customers may either visit a branch or make a call to subscribe. Claims can be filed in-app via “LCL Assurances”, through sending a picture.


  • Meeting legal obligations. Civil liability (which is often included in multi-risk insurance policies) involves basic coverage to which LEV users must subscribe. A dedicated insurance policy is, however, required for vehicles riding faster than 6 km/h: a market segment now addressed by LCL.
  • Stressing their part as a bank for urban customers. LCL specifies that these policies are meant for both adults and kids, hence highlighting their historical positioning. Their new service mostly targets city dwellers’ day-to-day commutes. In line with their motto: “Ma vie. Ma ville. Ma banque” (literally: My Life. My City, My Bank.), LCL assists the ongoing change in downtown, urban mobility.

1.5M French people own a LEV. This market could grow to include 8.6M potential users.

Source: CADIF and Odoxa


  • The market for Light Electric Vehicles is booming and highly coveted. LCL is the first long-standing banking institution in France to take these tools into account. Even so, they will have to face competition for the market pioneer Allianz, and alternative player’s offers, including the InsurTech Luko.
  • Cities are gradually emptied from their cars: insurance companies must then adjust their offers and make room for Light Electric Vehicles in an emerging approach to urban mobility.