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Afi Esca Adds Mobile-Based Digital Signing for Borrowers’ Insurance

The insurance company Afi Esca keeps focusing on paperless processes and digital contract signing applied to borrowers’ insurance options. They are adding a smartphone-based service to their existing online option: more emphasis on modernising and making this offer more flexible.

Afi Esca introduces a smartphone-based digital subscription service for borrowers’ insurance options. Their customers have access to a personal portal via their mobile phone, where they can read their contracts and, from now on, subscribe a borrower’s insurance contract.

This process requires one of their commercial advisors to activate a subscription-dedicated space for the customer. From this interface he may then access a simulation service, be sent customised pricing and, eventually, a contract. He would, in the end, just need to validate his digital signature.

This subscription process only requires 9 minutes. As a matter of fact, it stands out as a mobile extension of the e-subscription solution implemented by Afi Esca in November 2017. Since launch, 87% of their files were assessed and issued instantly online, and half of their recorded subscriptions relied on this digital service.

Comments – Liberalising borrowers’ insurance contracts

The Bourquin Amendment entered into force in January 2018, enabling customers to renegotiate their borrowers’ insurance when their contract reached its anniversary date. The impact of this regulatory evolution on the market cannot be questioned. Conventional banks have lost several thousands of contracts to insurance brokers such as Réassurezmoi, for instance.

Afi Esca tries to take advantage of this opportunity, hence, their interest in technological solutions designed to streamline subscription procedures. Their paperless mobile-based service and digital signing feature are consistent with these changes, and contribute to the overall process of making this market more flexible.

Their full mobile model also helps avoid any commercial interruptions and play down the assumed subscription-related hurdles.