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ADN’co Payments Insight – February 2015

Twitter making payments headlines, again

  • UNITED KINGDOM – Barclays adds a Twitter-based transfer feature to its mobile payment service Pingit: new option to be made available next April.
  • INTERNATIONAL – Visa includes Twitter and other social media to the new version of their real time P2P transfer platform, Visa Direct. This service relies on cardholders’ mobile phone or payment card numbers. Market launch expected this summer.

From diversification to deeply rooted trend, social media have gained momentum in payments players’ strategies. These moves stress their new part, despite the fears they still arouse. Their integration by an international card scheme is a strong signal.

Tokenisation leads the way

  • EUROPE – Visa would be getting its tokenisation service ready for launch in Europe by next April: adjustments have been made to meet market specifics.
  • INTERNATIONAL – MasterCard will be applying its tokenisation service to MasterPass transactions.

These moves coincide with and recall Apple Pay’s imminent launch on several markets, including Europe. They also remind that Visa has already been insisting on their consistent work with Apple…

Google’s great manoeuvres

  • UNITED STATES – Google would be testing a Bluetooth-based in-store payment service called Plaso.
  • UNITED STATES – Google acquires Softcard’s technologies and intellectual properties, and seals a distribution deal with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile allowing Google Wallet to come preinstalled on the mobile phones they sell.

Google sees bug: this horizon opening is in line with today’s evolutions on their highly competitive home market, where Apple Pay launched in the end of 2014 and Samsung Pay is now expected. Google focuses on increasing Google Wallet’s visibility (this account for their partnership with three leading mobile carriers) and considers a broader range of services. ( on LoopPay’s buyout by Samsung)

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