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Authentication: InAuth’s Voice Biometrics Solution

  • InAuth launches its Voice Biometrics Authentication Module to help identifying users in mobile banking and payments contexts.
  • Their vocal characteristics (pitch, rhythm, etc.) are to be compared with an encrypted and locally stored template.
  • Financial institutions may opt for some of their authentication and fraud detection items, or for a complete range of products. This scalability defines this developer’s offer: the modules may in fact be integrated to their banking customers’ security policy more easily.
  • InAuth’s solutions comply with the requirements of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council.
Source: Press release
  • Biometric authentication is again viewed as a potential replacement for typically less secure and lengthier passwords, PINs and other secret questions. InAuth also insists on convenience and ease of use as no additional equipment is required.
  • However vulnerable, mobile devices now partake to bank/customer interaction strategies, making them even more attractive to fraudsters. Voice biometrics is making its way through the banking sector: some institutions may even consider implementing it in a year or two to authenticate mobile customers and for their call centres.
  • This summer, USAA for instance started proposing Nina (designed by Nuance Communications): a voice-based mobile virtual assistant. Fiserv has also included likewise features in its mobile app Mobiliti Enterprise. InAuth was founded in 2010; its competitors include Nuance Communications and ValidSoft, among others.