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POS: Banque Populaire Diag Monétique to Enhance Merchants Services

  • Banque Populaire launches Diag Monétique, a new service designed to help professional segments’ advisors provide their customers with better suited equipment.
  • The software proposed by Banque Populaire and Natixis Paiements is based on roughly 500 management rules determining customers’ needs, as they wish to dispose of optimised POS devices with added value services.
  • A set of question has been intended for them to specify these needs: activity, place where payments are to take place (store’s departments, mobile contexts, etc.), remote selling, frequency and amount of card transactions, customers’ country of origin (Euro zone, else), private-label cards acceptance and telecom equipment. Once these specificities defined and summed up, the advisor can set a list of recommendations, explain how these services work, their costs, etc.
  • Merchants may for instance opt for Dynamic Change Currency to display the amount of the transaction in specific currencies and accept CUP cards.
Source: L'AGEFI Hebdo
  • This loyalty-oriented initiative praises customer satisfaction and makes hardware selection processes easier through providing more scalability.
  • The solution has been adopted by all Banques Populaires banks within two months. The diagnosis and decision making tool allows advisors to meet the expectations of professional customers and gain access to POS devices’ features, efficiency and cost.
  • According to Banque Populaire Val de France, this service would have allowed them to reduce the number of returns, increase by 5% the number of rentals and the transaction volume by 12%.