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E-banking: Partnership between La Caixa and Samsung to Enable Banking services Using TVs

  • La Caixa partner with Samsung to prepare e-banking services accessible using TVs. The app is available to all customers owning Samsung Smart TV-compatible equipment (TVs, Blu-ray readers, other connected devices). Customers will be able to visualise their online banking portal and browse through the menus with their remote control: account balance consultation, transaction history, etc.
  • This connection mode is then added to La Caixa’s e-banking platform already available online and via mobile devices, “Línea Abierta”.
  • La Caixa is especially interested in innovative solutions and has been committing to several projects including the adoption of contactless payment, m-banking (see January 2012 Insight) as well as less “conventional” initiatives, such as this one, even though they attract most players’ attention.
  • The bank is betting on the e-banking sector in which it is particularly very represented with over 30% market shares (Nielsen study): adding new means to connect to these services could help further improve this position.
  • Also, the Korean manufacturer announced the availability of new features on its Smart TV platform, including payment (see January 2012 insight).
  • Relatively similar initiatives have been launched in Lithuania for instance: Etronika proposing an e-banking app based on Microsoft’s Kinect. These moves come illustrating the interest of multi-screen as well as a certain renewal in the notion of customer/bank interfacing for players wishing to display an avant-garde and technology-oriented image.