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Fibank Opting for Welcome Real-time’s Solution

  • Loyalty programmes specialist Welcome Real-time has announced that its loyalty programme YES has been launched by the Bulgarian retail banking institution Fibank based on Welcome XLS software.
  • Fibank will be the first Bulgarian bank to propose a contactless payment card with embedded real-time loyalty features. This pioneering initiative should also make it possible to further analyse customers buying habits.
  • The programme has already attracted a large number of merchants and enables the customers to collect loyalty reward points (in real-time) and use them for their next purchases in partner stores.
  • Welcome Real-time is focusing on Eastern-European countries. Last October, it announced its Welcome XLS platform had been selected by the Russian Standard Bank (RSB). Here again, customers are rewarded when making card purchases with partner merchants.
  • The notion of customer reward is more and more present in several markets and several initiatives can be noted. Here, it is associated with developing contactless features.
  • A study conducted by Harris Interactive for FreeMonee (discount vouchers stored on bank cards) has been focusing on the US market and reveals that 80% of the consumers are tired of receiving these kinds of offers by e-mail. 25% out of the 90% receiving these vouchers do not even redeem them afterwards. Finally, 57% say they would agree with their bank using their purchase history to provide them customised value added offers with retailers.