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American Customers Preoccupied by online Fraud

  • ThreatMetrix and the Ponemon Institute have released a joint study (Mobile Payments & Online Shopping Survey of US Consumers) conducted with the help of 722, self-reported active, US Internet users. This paper shows that 34% of these customers distrust governmental institutions’ ability to protect from fraud and abuse (paper work and/or payments).
  • 51% deem that the level of risk is unchanged from one medium to the other (Smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops) and 19% think that Smartphones and tablets are less secure.
  • Social networks are especially affected by this sense of insecurity: 32% of those interrogated say that have already visited a company’s Facebook page before purchasing items on its legitimate website. Only 20% have ordered directly within Facebook.
  • 57% make online purchases every week (or even every day): 53% feel rather concerned by the risk of fraud and 26% have serious concerns.
  • Customers still distrust the implemented fraud prevention solutions. They are often unable to express their fears very clearly: this lack of understanding generates even more distrust.
  • As several data retrievals have involved large-scale payment industry players, their image has been impacted (banks, processors, intermediaries, manufacturers, social networks, etc. – see previous Insights).