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M-payment: Pageonce Launches Mobile Bill Payment Tool

  • The PFM tool Pageonce now proposes a service to be added to its Smartphone app Pageonce Money & Bill. This service enables mobile bill payments.
  • A conclusive test phase had been conducted with the help of 1,000 users. It is now available for download from several Marketplaces for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
  • Pageonce Money & Bill gathers the user’s billing information (planned payment dates, amounts). It also provides details as of the user’s expenses. Payments can be made anytime with any of the user’s accounts.
  • This procedure takes place in three steps: selection of a means of payment, specification of the amount and validation. The user receives payment confirmation via e mail.
  • Pageonce would like its solution to be integrated in a mobile wallet, the development of which seems to be currently taking-off. Mobile devices are becoming universal finance management means (m-banking, loyalty, payment, etc.).
  • Pageonce has already appealed to five million US and Canadian users now managing their budget through their mobile phone: this popularity could make Money & Bill’s commercialisation easier.
  • The monthly 4.99 dollars fee charged on the user could however hinder its deployment (today’s context is in fact marked by pressuring positions on banking fees).