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Monext Launches the “2nd Payment Method” for Online Transactions

  • The e-PSP has just integrated a new option in its online payment solution PayLine. This option enables the customers to use an alternative means of payment in case of transaction refusal.
  • The “2nd payment method” can be proposed in 15% of the cases (source: Monext).
  • According to Monext, in most cases, the refusal is due to account limit overrun rather than to fraud suspicions.
  • This option enables the customer whose transaction did not process to use another means of payment and avoid having to go over the purchasing process again.
  • Monext relies on a fraud detection module and provides an alternative in case of overrun as they do not affect transactions security.
  • The e-PSP is trying to stand out and propose added value services to merchants allowing them to improve their conversion rate (which is a key indicator).
  • This example shows that differentiated services are central to e-PSPs. They propose rather similar offers (expect for the number of means of payments they accept) as merchants now try to find ways to improve their conversion rate and reduce shopping cart abandonment.