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New Alternative Solution to NFC

  • Naratte has just launched Zoosh, a solution designed to exchange data relying on an ultrasound technology.
  • Zoosh enables mobile to mobile and mobile to point of sale exchanges of the payment transaction or customer loyalty data (couponing for instance).
  • This technology is based on the use of ultrasounds, making it possible to rely on any mobile phone’s microphone and speakers.
  • Naratte also announced that the first customer to have opted for Zoosh is the US company SparkBase, which specialises in the management of loyalty programs; Zoosh will be implanted in an m-wallet called Paycloud.
  • New players have tried to develop alternative technologies to NFC to provide for the development of mobile payment without specific infrastructures. TagPay for instance developed a sound signature solution, NSDT (Near Sound Data Transfer).
  • The emergence of these alternative solutions can be explained by the slow development of NFC which seldom exceeds the pilot phase. Also, three to five years would be necessary to renew the existing mobile phone park and equip these devices with this technology. All these factors account for the players’ attempts to invest in this market, as Naratte does, while large scale players claim they intend to step in the NFC mobile payment sector (Isis and Apple).