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New applications for Android

  • A few weeks after Google launched its new Nexus S, with embedded NFC technology, new applications are now available for Android. Among these solutions are Taglet, an NFC tag reader for Japanese speakers, principally compatible with FeliCa and Mifare, and Enable.
  • EnableTable is currently being developed in the United States and designed to allow restaurant managers to give reduction coupons to their customers when they pay their bill.
  • It should be noted that mobile phone manufacturers are now trying to adapt themselves to the development of contactless solutions.
  • According to some rumours, Apple might be planning to equip the iPhone 5 with an NFC chip (it is also said that the iPad 2 might also integrate this technology). On the 13th of August 2010, Apple hired Benjamin Vigier, a French expert in NFC solutions who was previously in charge of the activities of Bouygues Telecom and SanDisk NFC. This might lead us to think that these rumours might be founded. Nokia also wishes to equip its Symbian smartphones with this technology and RIM is supposed to launch a new BlackBerry Apollo, under BlackBerry OS 6.1, with an NFC module, even if, to this day, no official communication has been made on this device.