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  • Insurance
  • Europe

SPB Digitalising Affinity Insurance Sales


  • SPB renews their distribution model through selling affinity-based insurance solutions via a white label digital platform.
  • SPB Affinity lets SPB customers add insurance products to their set of offers within hours.
  • brokers, banks, challenger banks, e-merchants, telecom companies, energy suppliers, etc.
  • SPB Affinity features a range of online insurance offers including more than 10 guarantees:
    • Guarantee in case outages occur,
    • Guarantee for nomadic households,
    • Insurance covering breakage and theft,
    • Budget guarantee,
    • Protection against cyber-risks,
    • Assistance in case of emergency.
  • Their platform embeds multiple monitoring tools for streamlining the entire integration process (approval from distributors, online subscription, management of financial flows, production trackers, training for sales forces, etc.).


  • 1965: SPB was founded
  • €290M turnover
  • 1,800 employees
  • 17 countries covered
  • 100+ client brands worldwide


  • Applying changes to their distribution model. Through dematerialising their distribution process, SPB plans on becoming a wholesale broker. On the insurance market, a trend reminiscent of Open Banking-related moves has been observed. SPB stands out with a platform promising faster integration and customised guarantees.
  • Expanding their client portfolio. SPB also plans to address more customers, including small and medium distributors, with white label offers. Insurance policies tend to become more context-relevant, and many players are likely to add contracts to their customer processes.


  • SPB’s strategic approach is reminiscent of another player’s model in France: La Parisienne Assurances. This group designs customised insurance solutions, and makes their know-how available to partners via an iPaaS platform, too.
  • These groups, however, are not just rivals: La Parisienne is among SPB partners. SPB Affinity is then bound to expand their joint offers.