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Mansa Rethinking Freelancers’ Access to Credit Offers


  • Three young French entrepreneurs founded Mansa, a FinTech which focuses on streamlining accesses to credit offers for self-employed workers and liberal professions based on a new scoring model.
  • They teamed up with Ditto Bank and plan to launch their service by the end of this year. To this end, they raised €2 million from venture studio Founders Future.
  • Loans may range from €500 to €10,000, over 3 to 18 months, with 2 to 6% APR applied.
  • Subscription process:
    • Borrowers’ identity verified instantly.
    • Borrowers’ activity fully analysed remotely.
    • Instant decisioning process and amount disbursed within 24h.
    • Contract signed digitally via Yousign.

MANSA: Key Figures

  • Roughly a dozen employees
  • 3,000 pre-applications for loans
  • Envisions granting 20,000 loans in year 1


  • Providing assistance to a customer segment growing larger by the day. Mansa wants to meet self-employed workers financing needs (car, works, cash flow, etc.) as their income constantly varies and may spring from different sources. Besides, the number of freelancers has been increasing in France: 930,000 people vs 700,000 five years ago (source: Eurostat).
  • Rethinking the scoring model to match the labour market’s evolving reality. In order to meet these customers' needs, a scoring process has been designed, making it possible to anticipate their revenue as well as its regularity using on API-based analysis of their banking history.
  • Becoming more visible. Mansa intends to gain popularity while building customers’ trust. They teamed up with independent workers’ communities, including Kapten, Comet and the Sacem.


  • Mansa would soon be aiming for additional markets in Europe and may be considering another funding series for 2020.
  • Other players also started focusing on lending offers for self-employed workers including Finfrog and BNP Paribas Personal Finance with a platform for Uber drivers. Finfrog partnered with Brigad on providing financing options for freelancers in the catering and hospitality industry.
  • With a similar goal in mind, Malt, Qonto and Alan joined forces to launch Sesame, a service for freelancers.