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Macif Introduces an All-In-One Long-Term Rental Service

At the Mondial Paris Motor Show this October, Macif launched a comprehensive Long-Term Rental service called “MACIF C’parti”. This offer was developed in partnership with LeasePlan for eligible Macif individual shareholders (“sociétaires”) to assist them with their changing modes of transport.

From October, 2 to October, 14 2018, Macif group is attending the Mondial Paris Motor Show to promote their new long-term rental offer MACIF C’parti, crafted in partnership with LeasePlan France, which acts as a financial partner.

This all-in-one service includes long-term rental service for new cars, mileage of 10,000 to 30,000 kilometres per year, over 24 to 60 months (likely to be adjusted during the contract period), and with no contribution required. The car is also shipped to the lessor’s home address. Maintenance, assistance, insurance and a replacement car are also provided. Costs for restoring the vehicle can also be covered up to €1,200. Customers are assigned a unique interlocutor throughout their entire contract.

With this offer, Macif provides their customers and individual shareholders (i.e.: 5.3 million members) a solution that fits their financial and mobility-related needs. Also, this group –which reported roughly $6.2 billion turnover for 2017– found a way to enter an additional and fast evolving market.

Comments – Car rental: a booming market

This partnership shows that more players, from various sectors, are now interested in long-term rental services. This group deems they can legitimately feature additional offers for their insured customers, including car financing. This financing option is making progress: in Q1 2018, 30% of the car sales (old and new vehicles) involved either long-term rental or a lease-purchase contract. Many players, such as banks, started focusing on this market. BPCE, for instance, or AXA (through a partnership with ALD Automotive) on proposing an all-in-one mobility-oriented offer. 

Macif started to include mobility-related services a long time ago. They also provide financial support to start-ups like GoMore or Carizy, and have several services intended to make their customers’ journeys easier and safer. A mobile app (Liberty Rider) has been rolled out for two-wheelers who might need emergency service if an accident is detected. LeasePlan, for their part, announced several partnerships (FCA, Uber, etc.), they are now making progress on the BtoC market.