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Franfinance Applies Open Banking to Credit Granting Processes


  • Franfinance added a new tool to support their decisioning process: this service has been in place since this summer and is meant for customers whose lending application has been denied on their website.
  • In this context, customers are invited to provide access to their banking information via Boursorama’s account aggregation platform allowing for a finer analysis of their financial situation.


  • Improving customers’ access to credit offers. With this solution, Franfinance wants to attract new customers, aim for more varied profiles, and improve access to consumer lending offers. This subsidiary of Société Générale may then address some more profiles without increasing risk levels.
  • Further digital innovation. Based on Open Banking entailed opportunities, Franfinance may now build an “aggregation score” into their subscription process, while also adding value to a 360° view provided by Boursorama’s aggregation service.


  • Franfinance further enhances their credit granting processes: they applied digital signing to their entire set of digital credit offers, and they now aim for account aggregation for improving credit score assessments.
  • This access to customers’ accounts is also consistent with addressing delays in decisionning processes, avoiding that customers should have trouble sending supporting documents based on dematerialisation. For now, Franfinance doesn’t aim for this goal with their new feature, it only applies if needed. But they may later chose to rely on this procedure only for scoring customers.
  • Younited Credit also bet on Open Banking-derived opportunities to speed up loan application processes. Their connection to customers’ bank accounts allows them to avoid that customers should have to send documents hence addressing the issue of delays in granting loans.