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  • France

Electrolease: New Entrant on the Market for Full-Electric Long-Term Leasing for Businesses


  • Axialease (SWS group) –leasing company focusing on corporate equipment– unveils a new subsidiary specialising in long-term leasing offers applied to electric cars for corporate customers.
  • Electrolease features rental services for all full-electric means of transport (trucks, buses, motorbikes, bikes, cars), excluding hybrid and combustion engines.
  • In order to meet their promise, Electrolease has agreements in place with car makers ChargePoint charging stations operators.
  • Their leasing contracts cover private and business use, including tyres, maintenance, insurance and assistance.
  • Electrolease may also feature their offers via partner car dealers.

Key Figures

  • €65M turnover for Axialease
  • Contract: 12 to 60 months
  • Mileage max.: 120,000 km
  • Goals for 2020: 200 vehicles leased & threefold growth in 2021 & 2022


  • Making way for new perspectives. Until recently, SWS group provided SMEs with other goods for rental (e.g.: IT and office equipment, industrial, medical or telecom equipment).
  • A French first. Electrolease will be focusing on renting electric vehicles: a market first in France. Other full-electric services already emerged (Blooweels, for instance) but short-term rental periods apply.


  • With this offer, Electrolease features a hybrid contract merging long-term leasing and car subscription. Their contracts cover all needs to do with car use and are further enhanced through their partnership with ChargePoint.
  • This agreement plans that charging stations be provided and maintained: the dedicated contract is actually built in the car leasing subscription.