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BBVA Building a Global Mobile Payment Platform


  • The Spanish banking group BBVA introduces a platform meant to improve mobile payments’ security across their markets.
  • Goals: provide their customers with new tokenisation-based payment experiences.
  • This solution uses tokens: whereby card information is encrypted, and tokens are generated to enhance e-payments’ security.
  • How it works
    • This platform is designed to connect to Visa and Mastercard directly from the BBVA app in the countries within their operating footprint.
    • It then sends the data required to process the e-payment.
    • It comes with a built-in module integrating with the banking app and storing the data.
    • It also connects with contactless POS devices for NFC-based transactions.
  • This payment solution is currently running in Peru and will soon be rolled out on other markets.


  • Standing out as a pioneer. BBVA wants to be the first group featuring a new payment option for their customers across their markets. They bet on this platform to achieve this goal. They also intend to stress their pioneering status, which is key to their digital transformation strategy.
  • Marketing new products faster and reacting faster to competition from rival FinTech and challenger banks. Their agile methods already allowed them to improve their employees’ and developers’ productivity, making it easier to reuse resources. The new global mobile payment platform aims for the same goal: speeding up implementation processes for innovative payment solutions on each of their markets.
  • Security is key. Their transition towards more secure payments stands out, too. BBVA uses tokenisation to enhance transaction data security, mitigate fraud figures and improve customers’ trust.


  • A year ago, BBVA aimed at building the largest platform for developing new digital experience and launched their Open Banking interface. They further stress this ambition with a new platform. The point stays the same: featuring new customised services for consumers.
  • Tokenisation processes are already in place on other mobile payment platforms. Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets on mobile and smartwatches also bets on tokens for securing transactions.