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  • Payment
  • Netherlands

AVUTEC Features Payment Services Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition


  • The Dutch company AVUTEC manufacturing Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, adds a payment feature for their ANPR.
  • Goals: streamline in-car payments and customer processes.
  • The solution called PayByPlate has been designed in partnership with the FinTech FINN.
  • How it works. AVUTEC embedded FINN’s payment software with Gatekeeper, their ANPR camera. This camera triggers actions based on license plates. In addition to interfacing with third party access control systems or FTP servers, they also make it possible to initiate payments.
  • AVUTEC will be rolling out this technology in various business sectors including tolling, car parking, car washes and even gas stations.


  • New use cases. AVUTEC intends to capitalise on initial successes to reach out for new services for their cameras. Car drivers may now pay for various services at gas stations without having to pull out their payment card or their smartphone.
  • Seizing an opportunity. The recent PSD2 implementation opened doors in the European ecosystem, and enabled innovative payment services to see the day. AVUTEC will be relying on these opportunities to craft their offer and improve customer experience.


  • This announcement follows a successful pilot phase carried out by AVUTEC in one of their car parking areas, enabling automatic billing for car parking time charges with help from participating employees.
  • In France, Auchan’s banking subsidiary partnered with PSA on developing a connected car prototype de using a payment solution by Automatric using license plates, too.