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  • Loyalty
  • Innovation
  • United Kingdom

An Open Banking-Based Ethical Loyalty Programme


  • Koin Rewards, FinTech behind a Blockchain-based ethical loyalty programme, teams up with the account aggregation service TrueLayer.
  • This partnership will lead them to craft a simplified redemption process for consumers, members of the Koin Rewards programme, using an instant Open Banking-based system.
  • When connecting their bank and loyalty accounts, they automatically earn points on each of their purchases from partner merchants. A network of merchants and members in being included to the redemption programme.
  • Koin Rewards also bets a Payment Initiation API by TrueLayer, enabling their members to carry out transactions from a bank account to their Koin account.
  • Ethical approach:
    • This community commits to promoting ethical, sustainable behaviours
    • In addition to a rewards system, Koin Rewards lets users track the carbon footprint induced by their consumption.
    • Loyalty points may be used to make donations to one of their partners, meeting sustainability goals as laid out by the UN.
    • Customers may also build an ethical investment portfolio.


  • Automating rewards' redemption. Rewards are automatically collected when making purchases. Users do not have to have their card or mobile device scanned. This ease-of-use may contribute to boosting loyalty programmes in general.
  • 2.0 Card-Linked Offers. The commissioning model selected by Koin and TrueLayer is based on a CLO principle, as rewards are sent automatically relying on transaction tracking.
  • Koin Rewards also bets on a Blockchain to implement their programme, even creating a dedicated digital called Koin.
  • Praising ethical values. Besides customer loyalty, Koin Rewards builds on ethical values. Their users can spend their points donating to charity, increased rewards when donating to environmentally friendly causes, etc.


  • Koin Rewards also kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.
  • And, Koin Rewards relies on another partner, Fidel, to expand their merchant community, aiming for ethical values’ supporters.