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  • Payment
  • United States

American Express opens Kabbage accounts for businesses


Following its acquisition by American Express, Kabbage is now re-launching its U.S. small business account as an Amex brand.

  • The service, called Kabbage Checking, is the renewal of an existing service launched by Kabbage just before its acquisition by American Express. But, for American Express it is a very first time.
  • The group will therefore offer a business current account aimed primarily at small American businesses.
  • The accounts will pay 1.1% interest on a maximum balance of $100,000.
  • No fees will be applied.
  • Service Features:
    • an account opening service in minutes and without receipts
    • a mobile account management application
    • a debit card
    • reserves" to put money aside
    • a physical cash deposit service
    • a mobile check deposit solution
    • access to a network of 19,000 ATMs
    • a supplier invoice management and scheduling tool


  • Centralize cash flow: Traditionally a leader in the small business card market, AmEx, like many of its competitors, is embarking on a transformation to become a global provider of cash management, transaction and lending services for small businesses. Key to this strategy is the current account, which provides access to deposits - an anchor for offering additional services and cash flow data.
  • Supporting small business development: American Express and Kabbage are committed here to democratizing a no-fee account with many additional features to establish itself as a unique player in helping cash management. American Express has also launched Kabbage Funding, a flexible credit offer between $1,000 and $150,000.


  • Kabbage is a FinTech specialized in alternative scoring for small merchants. It was acquired by American Express in late 2020, after months of negotiations and rumors.
  • It must be said that the combination of the payment giant and the FinTech leads to the creation of a major player in financing for American small businesses and merchants.