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A Dashcam to Cut Down Insurance Premium Costs


  • A tripartite partnership has been announced by the car maintenance company Norauto, the online insurance service L’Olivier and technological specialist Nextbase.
  • Through this partnership, they came up with an exclusive offer intended to cap insurance premium costs for car drivers agreeing to install a dashcam in their vehicle.
  • Customer process:
    • The car driver buys a Nextbase dashcam at a Norauto location,
    • They get an insurance premium quote online or via calling L’Olivier Assurance,
    • They key in a dedicated discount code (written on the box of their Nextbase Series 2 dashcam).
    • An advisor from L’Olivier Assurance calls them back to complete the subscription process,
    • Documents validating the offer must then be sent to L’Olivier Assurance by the new subscriber.
  • When purchasing a Nextbase dashcam, car drivers have access to a 10% discount on premium costs (within a €100 limit). This discount can go up to 15% (within a €125 limit) if they choose to have the camera installed at a Norauto location. The refund is directly credited to their bank account.
  • Once the dashcam installed, insured parties’ routes may be recorded and video footage can be stored in case an accident occurs, by way of simplifying some procedures including
    • Damage reports and claims,
    • Establishing litigation causes,
    • Assessing compensation costs.


  • A prospective asset. L’Olivier Assurance hopes that reducing premium costs will attract new customers, especially given the scale of Norauto’s network and their high frequentation rates.
  • A lever for attracting customers. For Norauto, this partnership could a means to sell more dashcams, drive customers to their network and boost frequentation levels for their workshops (when the cameras are installed).
  • Betting on customers’ interest in connected devices. “Pay as You Drive” insurance offers have become more popular over time and in-car connected boxes are now commonplace. Norauto, L’Olivier Assurance and Nextbase are relying on these tools since they are now viewed as quite casual: a camera would no longer be a major obstacle to customer adoption.


  • These partners may have drawn inspiration from the Russian model to build their concept. On this market (and, to a lesser extent, in the US), on-board cameras are widespread especially to prevent insurance fraud.