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Data: Partnership between MasterCard Advisors and Exponential

  • MasterCard’s professional services arm, MasterCard Advisors, has partnered with advertising intelligence provider Exponential Interactive. The network’s retail and cardholders’ buying habits-relate data will be anonymised and incorporated into Exponential’s online audience targeting services.
  • Exponential’s announcers will benefit from this information through its e-X Advertising Intelligence platform.
Source: Press release
  • This partnership could help announcers refine potential customer targeting through added-value data provided by an international network combined with Exponential analytics. MasterCard represents roughly 8.7 million acceptance points and 310 million cards in the US (for over 25 billion transactions each year). Announcers will be able to identify customer segments based on their expenses and be granted further insight in their respective markets.
  • From a strategic point of view, this partnership also encompasses online-gathered data and retail habits to highlight the links between both channels and have access to a thorough overview of customer behaviour.