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Business Offers: MasterCard Launches MasterCard Business Network

  • MasterCard launches MasterCard Business Network for small and mid-size business designed to help them improve their cash flow. The free beta version is powered by the e-commerce specialist Rearden Commerce and includes three modules to be further completed over the weeks:
  • Purchase proposes discounts on over 650,000 business products: office supplies or fittings, etc.
  • Travel and Dining allows businesses to manage flights and hotel reservations or car rentals; these modules also allow them to set up travel policies per employees, compare prices and authorise bookings.
  • Finally, for 9 dollars more, Expense allows the creation and storage of expense reports. An update also should enable companies to benefit from additional features, including the possible addition of transactional data from their MasterCard cards and scanned or downloaded receipts.
  • Registrations are possible online (www.mastercardbusinessnetwork.com). Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS apps should soon be made available.
Source: MasterCard press release
  • MasterCard further highlights their diversification strategy and relies on added value products for the hardly addressed SME segment based on their feedbacks.
  • Rearden Commerce focuses on online T&E and proposes Deem, a platform distributed through various strategic partnerships with for instance American Express, JPMorgan Chase and, now, MasterCard.