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Mobile Cash Collection: iZettle Releases API for Third Party Developers

  • iZettle has released an API enabling third party developers to integrate its card acceptance service in their iOS, and soon, Android apps.
  • Developers simply have to add in a few lines of code to create a link between their app and iZettle’s (EMV and PCI-DSS compliant) solution. Once this done, they can start initiating payments using their iPhone or iPad. The process has been set to redirect the user to iZettle’s interface and automatically send him back to the app.
  • This solution should allow merchants having their own mobile apps to improve their conversion rates and streamline sales processes.
Source: iZettle’s press release
  • The Scandinavian start-up with over 50,000 users is turning towards Europe. It has already managed to reach Denmark, Finland and Norway and has recently started pilot testing its solution in the UK. Developments on other EU markets, with priority given to EMV-compliant ones, would also be planned by the end of the year.
  • IZettle here addresses the main two OSs (iOS and Android), displaying its commitment to including as many users as possible. The player also relies in diversifying properly speaking acceptance services through supporting American Express cards in Sweden and Finland since last May.
  • These developments might coincide with Square’s arrival in Europe. Although their business cores are distinct (mag-stripe vs. card smart cards given their respective home market), iZettle now makes the difference with this API.
  • Square, for its part, launched an API for Android and iPhone (in May 2010) with aim to meeting likewise ends: make its solution easier to integrate. The feature however did not prove popular enough and the US start-up had to leave it aside.