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American Express Proposing Deals

  • Considering upcoming events such as the Olympic Games and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee to take place in London in 2012, American Express is about to propose a full range of offers to its cardholders. Several retailers are taking part in this initiative to provide information services as well as exclusive deals to anticipate mass arrivals of potential customers in the UK’s main town.
  • Also, American Express has partnered Westfield to propose “benefits and promotions” to its customers in West and East London shopping centres.
  • In addition, the network may be considering possible use of social media starting next year to better target consumers (identification of their main interests and habits, geolocation, etc.).
  • American Express believes in the deals market’s growth potential. According to a study conducted by KPMG in 31 countries, many consumers (66%) would agree to share browsing or location-related personal data to benefit from dedicated offers and/or redeems. This proportion might even reach 75% with younger generations –ages 16 to 24 (also known for their consistent use of social media). Handling these loyalty opportunities is however rather uneasy as customers’ private life must be taken into account and respected.
  • Other networks such as MasterCard or Visa are just as well interested in this market segment and focusing on the same upcoming events. In October, MasterCard started proposing located deals with its Priceless London. Visa Europe bets on an online strategy to enable retailers to address all British Visa cardholders (130 million Visa cards in circulation): A Web portal now displays dedicated redeems from popular brands (about forty for a start around the holyday season).