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SCF: Enriched Version of the Standardisation Volume

  • As announced in the beginning of the year, version 5.5 of the SCF Standardisation Volume provides further detail on SEPA card standards. The Volume has been prepared by the EPC Cards Stakeholders Group (CSG) and is under consultation until 29 July. It will be adopted after the summer break.
  • This version includes all security requirements (Chapter 5) as well as the functional description of some new card services: cash withdrawal at point of sales (‘cashback’), dynamic currency conversion (DCC), aggregated amounts (e.g.: for tips) and surcharging.
  • In compliance with the evolution of PCI SSC’s international security standards, the EPC aligned its Volume on version 3.0 of PCI-PTS. A future version of the Volume shall provide further detail on security derogations for some environments (car parks, motorways and gas station dispensers).
  • Lastly, a broad set of certification principles aim at facilitating mutual recognition of type approvals. The final step remains the instalment of an EU-wide certification.
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